How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand

1) Grow your Instagram following with strategic partnerships.
To start, create a list of popular Instagram accounts that reach your target audience. When you’ve found them, you can then partner with them for what they call “shout-outs,” which can be either paid or unpaid. Here’s how the two differ …

Unpaid Shout-outs

Unpaid shout-outs are usually called “share for share.” You share one another’s content, and you both encourage your followers to follow the other account. You get access to their audience, and they get access to yours.

Paid Shout-outs

This is a great way to gain thousands of followers — and gain them fast!
Make sure to ask for a call-to-action in the shout-out, in which the account owner is actually asking their followers to take action on something (for example ask your followers to follow your Instagram account)

2) Build your email list by converting your followers into subscribers.

Thanks to Instagram you also can build your email list!
There’s a very simple secret: Within your bio, use a very specific call-to-action with a memorable URL that takes users to a unique page on your website.
Then convert those visitors by ensuring the page they land on is packed with value.

3) Create compelling content that’s worthy of being shared by others.

An Instagram strategy that includes creating beautiful, easily digestible content that not only resonates with your audience but also drives them to share and interact with your brand is crucial, and can explode your growth.
A great Instagram post can be boiled down to a formula, and requires two elements: beautiful imagery and engaging text.

T I P S :

– Choose images that tell a story or elicit emotion.
– Text can range anywhere from a compelling question to a powerful, motivational quote.To create a stunning visual using text you can use an app called #WORDSWAG (If you’re an Android user, try #Phonto.)
– Always make sure to include Your branding as part of all of Your posts.

4) Foster a community of highly engaged followers.
Engagement comes in many forms, including followers sharing your content, interacting with it some way, tagging their friends, and clicking on your calls-to-action.

T I P S:

– Post When Your Followers Will Actually See Your Content
( use #Iconosquare to find out when most of our followers are online )
– Ask for Engagement
(You can either include the action you want your followers to take as part of the image itself, or include it in the description of your post.)

Instagram is a social platform with tremendous potential for businesses in almost any industry. And if you use Instagram strategically, it can have a significant impact on your reach, brand awareness, and ultimately the revenue of your company.

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