10 Marketing Trends to act on in 2018

As businesses close out 2017 and begin to push forward into 2018, now is as good a time as any to take a closer look at all of your marketing and advertising efforts, find new strategies and tactics to leverage, and really concentrate on building a better, faster, and more efficient marketing machine to boost your bottom line and improve your financial future.


While there are all different kinds of ways you can go when it comes time to improve your marketing, there are six specific trends that you’re really going to want to focus the bulk of your time in the bulk of your budget.


These are game changing initiatives that can provide you with the kind of success that you just wouldn’t have been able to generate before, the kinds of marketing trends that aren’t just going to be hot for 2018 but can act as the foundation for your marketing and advertising for the next decade or more.


Let’s dive right in!


  1. Content marketing is king

Content marketing is a critical part business success these days, and multi step marketing campaigns built around content marketing strategies are always going to be significantly more effective than “one-off” marketing and advertising pushes.


At the same time, all of your competitors are also likely warming up to the importance of content marketing and there is plenty of competition, noise, and clutter in even the smallest of niches these days.


This is why you want to generate a strategic content marketing calendar, editorial calendar, and distribution platform that gives you complete control over your marketing. You need to create the kind of content that your market is most interested in, but you also need a quick and effective way to get that content in their hands and through the clutter of the market.


2.  PR and content marketing are dovetailing more than ever

Public relations and content marketing used to be completely separate entities, but nothing could be further from the truth today.


Businesses are beginning to understand how symbiotic the relationship between public relations and content marketing really is, and a lot of the more strategic and savvy business owners and marketers are looking for ways to join these departments and these initiatives to create more effective PR and more effective content marketing at the same time.


3. Authenticity is everything in your marketing and advertising

Faceless entities trying to push product and pedal services online are having a much harder time winning new business and converting old business, simply because today’s modern consumer is much more focused on authenticity, honesty, and transparency than ever before.

People want to do business with people, not big brands, in large faceless corporations and business entities are losing a lot of their luster. Sure, people are still going to flock to companies like Amazon to get their hands on sheet merchandise – but if you’re running a smaller business there’s no way you’re going to get by with a faceless marketing campaign any longer.

This isn’t just a marketing trend, either. It’s the future of marketing – the future of business – and you need to do all you can to make your business as authentic, as transparent, and as “real world” as possible.

Authenticity is the name of the game – embrace it!


4. Chatbots streamline customer service and support marketing efforts

Artificial intelligence is going to have a huge impact on business from here on out, and it’s already starting in the form of “chatbots” that have been taken advantage of for customer service online for quite a while and are just now starting to be taken advantage of when it comes to marketing and advertising.


These online tools can be programmed to provide you with an “always on” and always responsive customer service and content marketing team, and while they aren’t quite as flexible as actually staffing these tools with real individuals that have been trained they can provide you with a competitive edge and advantage over the rest of your market.


Set them up appropriately and you’ll really be able to rock and roll with automated marketing and will have a head start over your competition.


5. You need to optimize for voice search ASAP

Marketing Trends

Voice search (and mobile search engine) is such a huge part of the way that people navigate the world of the internet today that it is impossible to ignore any longer.

Voice search optimization is a budding new field, but you’re going to want to make sure that you get in on the ground floor as quickly as possible so that you can cement your optimization in place before your competitors wake up to the value and importance of this search engine protocol.

Voice search and mobile search is the future of commerce, especially as more and more people make purchases from their phones, geo-targeting of advertising becomes more impactful and more effective, and the web becomes more inclusive as far as different types of hardware is concerned.

Take advantage of this marketing trends for 2018 just as soon as humanly possible!


6. Video marketing is big – and getting bigger – in 2018

Video marketing (especially on a platform like YouTube) is a big piece of the content marketing puzzle these days as well is one of the most important marketing trends you want to jump on board and you don’t want to miss the boat.


Video marketing can be a bit challenging for those that are used to more traditional forms of marketing (and it can also prove to be a little bit more expensive than most people expect right out of the gate), but the amount of leverage and the potential for incredible financial return makes figuring out how to market with video worthwhile.


Closing thoughts


At the end of the day, all of the marketing trends that we have highlighted in this quick guide are going to have the potential to pay off significantly almost immediately in 2018.


Implement as many of them as you can in your business and you should see your success rates skyrocket almost overnight, but continue to implement, measure, track, and optimize these marketing efforts and you’ll be able to grow your business far more than you ever would have thought possible over the next 12 months and in the coming years and decades.


These marketing trends are foundation trends and not hot fads that will disappear anytime soon. Implement them before your competition does and you’ll have a clear advantage!

P.S. Resource: http://networkingbizz.com

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